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Reliable Smart Hands Services

Communications Service Providers all don’t operate on the same schedule, and work is often required outside of regular business hours at a datacenter location.  After-hours support provided by the datacenter is often limited to emergency situations.  If not limited, these after-hours services are often cost-prohibitive when considered for planned infrastructure migrations or maintenance.
Fletnet understands this situation and we have built our team in order to provide reliable Smart Hands services, whenever they are needed.  Fletnet schedulers will work with you, the customer, to provide service at the time that is needed to support your operations. 
Our Smart Hands technicians are local to the area where the datacenter is located.  This local approach allows us to also offer services over multiple maintenance windows that may be required for certain types of projects.
Your cost is the same, no matter at what time a Fletnet Smart Hands technician is scheduled to provide remote support.  This arrangement helps keep operations and projects budgets to plan, by preventing cost-overruns due to unplanned requirements for after-hours assistance.

Any Datacenter – Any Time